Subscriber services of computers and servers

Order subscription service of computers and servers in LLC “Systems of Electrical Protection” and follows will be guaranteed:

  • Uninterrupted operation of machinery;
  • reducing the risk of loss of information data;
  • the correct selection of software;
  • optimization of costs for maintaining a computer network.

If you have any questions about design and installation of computer networks and cabling network and their further maintenance, please contact our specialists. You can order connection by numbers: (044) 332-65-79, (066) 501-69-77.

Computer service.

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We would like to explain why it’s important to maintain computers.
Nowadays, computers are presented in every house or office. Any technique requires careful care, and in this case, computer technology is no exception. But what to do if there are breakdowns and you have more than one computer in the office? Over time, it can lead to data loss, and this is a disaster for a serious company. We have the answer – it’s a subscription service for computers.
Our company carry out the obligatory preventive works that involves the examination of your computer equipment at the site, the elimination of detected failures, the implementation of systemic organizational measures that are necessary for the rapid restoration of data, the installation of important innovative programs, direct administration of the network itself and the server.

What is the service of computers?

Service of computers includes a wide range of services:

  • Maintenance of computer networks;
  • All kinds of technical support for the operation of computers and office equipment;
  • Installation, configuration of software;
  • Full optimization of the computers work, in order to improve their efficiency;
  • Installation, configuration and direct administration of servers;
  • Administration / support of absolutely all varieties of local computer networks;
  • Maintenance of the database;
  • The accompanying organization of databases, without which the full operation of any business is not possible;
  • Complete database administration;
  • Implementation of the company’s security policy;
  • Installation of anti-virus protection, periodic diagnostics, and also elimination of viruses;
  • Data protection from intrusion
  • Organization of terminal access to your data;
  • Supply of computer equipment;
  • Selection of the optimal configuration for the equipment;
  • Full integration into the overall system;
  • Warranty service, as well as urgent replacement of equipment;
  • Replacement of equipment before return from warranty repair;
  • System backup data (as an option);
  • Development of a post-accident direct recovery plan;
  • Regular and qualitative testing of the system.

Comprehensive preventive maintenance, which is part of the maintenance of computers, reduces the chance of a sudden stop or breakdown of equipment. A properly organized system configuration will restore the efficiency of office work an order of magnitude faster.

Qualitative professional service of computers by qualified specialists is an integral part of the development of any enterprise. It will allow employees to deal with their immediate duties, rather than fighting viruses or setting up a computer in their workplace.

Advantages of computer service by our company.


LLC «Systems of Electrical Protection” guarantees you the provision of high-quality quick maintenance of computers. Specialists of our company are professionals of their business with a great experience and relevant qualified knowledge. Wide knowledge in the field of innovative information technologies (IT) allows us to provide not only computer service, but also information systems of various levels of complexity and professional orientation. Our task is to ensure the stable operation of your IT system.

The most basic features characterizing our high service:

  • We always strive for mutual understanding with the client, we take into account all requires;
  • High professionalism, as well as the fulfillment of the assigned tasks under the contract within the agreed timeframe;
  • We always help in difficult situations; we will make the right decision in servicing computers using innovative technologies;
  • We use organizational measures, which help to you minimize the number of problem cases;
  • Strong, trusting relationships with customers.

Computer service is the key to your successful business!

Computers are smart and, at the same time, sophisticated equipment, so breakdowns can be caused by a wide variety of reasons. Our specialists will help to determine the cause of the failure and fix the problem. Call us!