Wireless security system. AJAX StarterKit.

Apartment theft … The need to secure an apartment or house from intruders is becoming more relevant to date. Expensive equipment, beautiful entrance doors, large houses with fences and other signs of wealth, of course, delight the eye and give to person the appropriate status, but at the same time do not forget that all this can be lost if you do not apply a number of security actions in time.

Security alarms are the first priority, which must be considered before you started building a house or renovating your apartment. But what to do if the repair is finished, but you did not install security system before,so accordingly there aren’t communications for the installation of a security alarm system and you do not want to ruin the interior.

In this situation, the wireless security system Ajax helps you. This is a domestic brand which is not worse than some western prototypes analogues.

Ukrainian company Ajax Systems, has come a long way towards to success and having behind a long history and millions of consumers, has fully won the Ukrainian market. And this is not surprising,because the products of this company justified the declared quality. As a result, we have a full-fledged European product, but it three times cheaper than imported.

What does Ajax Systems offer us? The latest and most successful development of the company was the Ajax StarterKit security suite, which included: a hub (center) and various sensors, each of which performs its functions to protect your premises.

To make it clear, we’ll provide an overview of the Ajax StarterKit suite.

As we have already said, the basic set consists of: a control panel, a motion sensor, a door opener and a space control keychain. The material and design are at a high level, so the whole system will easily fit into any interior. Two color options are available: white and black.


централь, хаб, аякс, сигнализация

AjaxHub Specifications:

Size 162.7×162.7×35.9 mm, weight 320 gr.
Power, V 110-250
Radio signal power 25 mW
Working temperature From 0°С to +50°С
Channels of connection GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), Ethernet
Communication with sensors: Protocol Jeweller (868.0-868.6 MHz) at the distance of 2 km open area.
Battery Li-Ion 2 Ah (up to 10 hours of autonomous work)
Supported applications for platforms iOS 7.1 and higher, Android 4.1 and higher
Number of users 10
Max. number of connected devices 100 units


  • highest number of functions,
  • protection against failure and sabotage,
  • ease of operation,
  • Professional installation.

The package also includes a starter package Lifecell, but you can also connect any other SIM card.

Tuning takes very little time and it is like to configurate the router. Firstly master has to install the application in the smartphone and register the hub, following the instructions. The application can be found in AppleStore / PlayMarket.

After the hub was brought into operation, added users, set up ways to notify of events and alarms, it is necessary to add to the system all the sensors of the premises in which they will be present. 12 security zones (rooms,premises, etc.) are allowed to add 100 sensors.

Absolutely all sensors are wireless. The transfer of data passes through the encrypted protocol, so it is impossible to hack it. The range of the signal is up to two kilometers in the open area or several floors of the office building.

With the mount, which the manufacturer took care of and which is included in the kit, the wireless sensor can be fastened absolutely anywhere, since it does not require external power and can perfectly work on one battery CR123A for up to 7 years.

The application has a built-in thermometer, signal level, sensitivity adjustment, battery charge, coverage area testing, etc. After adding a sensor in the application, you can see detailed information about the installed device.

Wireless motion sensor


AJAX MotionProtect Specifications

Colors white/black
Purpose indoors
Sensitivity high/medium/low – customized
The horizontal viewing angles 88,5°
Vertical viewing angles 80°
Installation height 2,4 м
Protection against unauthorized opening of the case Thumper
Radio signal power 20 mW
Communication with the control panel protocol Jeweller (868.0-868.6 MHz) at a distance of 2 km on open area
Voltage, V 3 units
Power battery CR123A (up to 7 years)
Working temperature From 0°С to +50°С

Disconnection sensor.

датчик, аякс, сигнализация

It has a built-in thermometer, equipped with two magnets. Using the SmartBracket mount, the sensor itself mounts on the fixed part, and the magnet mounts on the door or window. Thus, when the door is opened by 2 cm, the sensor is triggered. The sensor is connected via the AJAX MotionProtect wireless sensor circuit.

AJAX DoorProtect Technical Specifications

Colors white/black
Mounting type overhead
Switching threshold small magnet – 1 cm, large magnet – 2 cm
Purpose indoors
Protection against unauthorized opening of the case thumper
Radio signal power 20 mW
Communication with the control panel protocol Jeweller (868.0-868.6 MHz) at a distance of 2 km on open area
Voltage, V 3
Power battery CR123A (up to 7 years)
Working temperature From 0°С to +50°С

Key fob for system management

беспроводная сигнализация, аякс

The key fob has four buttons: on / off security, partial security and alarm button for an urgent call of the security company’s attire. The key fob operates within a radius of one kilometer, the signal is protected from remote reading and, moreover, copying. Installed in the application as well as sensors.

Specifications AJAX SpaceControl.

Color white/black
Radio signal power 20 mW
Communication with the center protocol Jeweller (868.0- 868.6 MHz) at a distance of up to 1 km of open area
Voltage, V 3 units.
Power Battery CR2032
Operating temperature 0°С to + 50°С

In conclusion, I would like to add that the wireless security alarm system Ajax impresses with its complete and concise solution. I am glad that this is our Ukrainian producer, which was originally aimed at the external western market, due to which we have our own quality manufacturer and, accordingly, the opportunity to protect our apartments and houses from “unwanted” guests, while the prices for the offered modules are pleasantly surprising, and The application for managing the system is convenient for the domestic consumer.

uy Ajax wireless security alarms, and also order the installation of the alarm system, you can by call us. In the near future, Ajax Systems will present new unique modules for the Smart House system, which they are currently working hard on. In the system there will be sensors of flooding, smoke, and also video surveillance.

We want to say from our own personal experience, since our company is the official certified installer of Ajax products; we have repeatedly installed a wireless security alarm system and have never failed, which once again confirms the declared quality of the product.