Office, house, apartment, villa – if you have often lost the light bulbs burn out or microwave does not work- you are our client! If the boiler or washing machine beats shock – We will fix this problem! Your comfort – our mission!

If the information on your computer is priceless – we give time to save her, and properly designed and installed lightning protection and grounding system will save lives and save the electronics and electrical equipment.

If you are going to build a house or office, we can offer individual design, installation and maintenance of the electricity system using of solar panels, wind generator, and LED technology. Investments today will help to save large amounts in the future.

We, company “SYSTEM OF ELECTRICIAL PROTECTION”, developed a system of automatically launch of the generator with SMS notification function of electric system REZERV III critical conditions . The microprocessor system keeps continuous control over the basic network parameters and the generator, measure the input voltage, current and power consumption for each phase.Flexibility of system parameters configuration allows it to connect to any electric generator and as precisely customized to the client’s objectives. We produce, we install we serve, and we give a guarantee. Optional can be integrated in the “Smart House” system.

In addition to the electrical work, our specialists are able to offer you the organization of security systems, video surveillance and access control systems, computer networks of any complexity, WI-FI zones, etc.

In general, if you have problems with electricity, and not only with it – we will help to solve them!

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