Office, house, apartment, villa – if you have often lost the light bulbs burn out or microwave does not work- you are our client! If the boiler or washing machine beats shock – We will fix this problem! Your comfort – our mission!

If the information on your computer is priceless – we give time to save her, and properly designed and installed lightning protection and grounding system will save lives and save the electronics and electrical equipment. more >>

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Smart house Wiring work Lightning protection and grounding Street lighting solar powered
Antiicing system Floor heating Video surveillance  (CCTV = Closed-circuit television) Video surveillance on the basis of NAS
Access control Fire and security alarm Installation of computer system Organization of wireless network
Projecting of Structured Cabling Systems Maintenance of computers and servers Installation of household appliances and equipment Construction and repair works

The company “SYSTEM OF ELECTRICIAL PROTECTION” provides electrician services in Kiev

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Is it necessary to fix the rosette? Do you need to install door speakerphone or bell? Do you need the services of experienced and competent electrician? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here and now you have the opportunity to order services of electrician to the house to carry out repair and electrical assembly works in any district of Kiev.

Our company offers professional services at reasonable prices. Work will be performed at a convenient time for you. All orders are carried out equally well, regardless of its size.

Electricians and installers, who work in our company, have the appropriate education and extensive experience working with various electrical installations. Their qualification can work with chains of any complexity. It includes services from elimination of the problem with a switch or power socket to installation of transformers and electro boards, which requires the high professional qualities of a specialist.

To order the service electrician Kiev price – is the optimal solution for protecting yourself and your family from the risks associated with malfunctions of networks.

If you have a fault in electrical wiring, such as sparks, bad odor or frequent tripping plugs, you should not repair it by yourself. It can be dangerous to your health. In addition, the quality of this repair will be lower than the quality of the skilled electrician. It is better to call the professionals who perform the work quickly and in accordance with the standards. Advantages, due to which you should to order electrician services in Kiev:

  • Efficiency and speed. The brigade may arrive at the object immediately on the day of application.
  • Quality and standards compliance. There are only high-level specialists in our company, and they can perform all kinds of work with electrical systems.
  • Economy. Working with our company, you will be provided services at reasonable prices.
  • Availability. Our company serves whole Kiev and some suburbs.

High experience and qualifications of our employees, using the modern high quality materials for electrical works guarantees precise performance of work. In this activity, our company is guided by the Rules for Electrical and Building Regulations.

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