In conditions of global economy and changeover to alternative energy, the demand for street LED lights on solar batteries has increased. Using the specifiс of this trend, «SYSTEM OF ELECTRICIAL PROTECTION» has already completed several complex projects for the illumination of park areas and streets, working according to European standards and norms (see examples of finished solutions below). AT the next stage projects are being developed to introduce alternative integrated solutions for street light on solar panels, advertising signs and billboards, transport stops and security posts and network solar power stations on the open agricultural areas.



Download project “Lighting”- 16/8 Download project “Lighting of the running truck” – 400 м. Download project “Lighting of road 2 km.”-160/80
pdf (233 Кв) pdf (233 Кв) pdf (234 Кв)
Download the project “Illumination of billboards, bigboards – 2х10Вт” Download the project “Illumination of billboards, bigboards – 4х10Вт”
pdf (218 Кв) pdf (218 Кв) “Lighting” – 16/8 “Lighting of the running truck” – 400 м. “Lighting of road 2 km.” – 160/80 “Illumination of billboards, bigboards”
(for households, streets, parks, car parks, supermarkets and areas, etc.) (for stadiums, sports fields, running tracks, bicycle paths, etc.) (For highways, intercity routes, etc.)

We design and calculate the project for each customer for any object individually: private houses, commercial buildings, stadiums, sports tracks, autonomous security posts, outdoors areas, dance floors, beaches, gas stations, agriculture and farms, streets, intercity routes, etc. . When we develop the ordered project, we carefully calculate everything to the smallest detail for high technological level of task, taking into account the price-quality ratio. In addition to the development of projects, we are representatives of leading manufacturers of LED lights and other products related to alternative energy. You can order the project or consult by telephones. Also we are looking forward cooperate with companies and manufacturers in this field.