Access control systems are designed to ensure the security of an object by limiting the number of persons entitled to visit its territory.

In addition, access control is necessary to record working hours, maintain a visitor database and combine event archives (when integrated with a video surveillance system and / or fire alarms).

The access control system consists of:

  • blocking devices with a controller and an information reader;
  • Identifiers (card, key chain and other devices giving the right of access to the object);
  • Environment converters (connecting devices with each other and with a computer);
  • Auxiliary equipment (wiring, power supplies, etc.).


Our specialists can develop an access control system of any complexity for your object.

We are glad to help you with control organization, control access to the premises or in the office, by using the access control system in the premises (of any manufacturer of your choice).
Access control systems – includes at its disposal a combination of various software and hardware tools, and it provides for organizational arrangements at the facility that are designed to provide an authorized passage to protected areas, facilities, houses or offices. LLC “Systems of Electrical protection” offers you the opportunity to build flexible, high-quality and reliable access control systems (ACS).
As everyone knows today, access control is a very important component that ensures the security of the enterprise.
The newest ACSs are able to provide a high level of security for your large facilities with hundred workers, for which you need to provide thousands of access points and tens of thousands users. It is also worth noting that IDSs (integrated security systems) are often built on the basis of modern ACS. On the basis of IDS is combined security and fire alarm, various video surveillance equipment and additional special devices.

Access control ACS – system classification:

1. control the blocking devices ( doors, infrared barriers, turnstiles, locks). They can be divided as follows:

  • Autonomous (local ACSs) – control one or more interception devices, but do not transmit information to the security center and are not controlled directly by operator;
  • Centralized (network ACSs) – control devices, provide information sharing directly with the security center, and an additional function is the ability to monitor and manage the operator;
  • Universal ACSs, which include the functions of both autonomous and network systems.

The presented systems operate under the guidance of one or several central control devices, and they also have the ability to work offline in case of the data transmission failure of network or the central device failure.


2. System control ty help with access points, as well as users connected to it:

  • Localized access control systems are single access points. For example: various warehouses, small offices;
  • distributed ACSs. They consist of several dozens of access points. Such systems are used on sites where thousands of users work. For example: city hospitals, small factories, state establishments;
  • Large access control systems. They include hundreds of access points and tens of thousands of users. They can be used for example on: various metallurgical plants, international airports, etc.

Network access control systems can provide a wide range of additional opportunities and options:

  • they can collect and information processing which is related to the movement of persons at your facility;
  • this system also organizes and records work time at the site;
  • management of operating modes and automatic parking.

Let’s talk about the features of network ACS, which are used for small and medium-sized objects.
As everyone knows, this system involves the controller use, which provides control, and access control in one or several rooms. Controllers create their own network (usually based on using the RS-485 interface) and then connect to the host computer.
This scheme of ACS, allows the main operator to centralize the programming of controllers, which allow it to receive complete information about the facts very quickly and attempts to pass through all points that are monitored on the site in real time. It also allows blocking / unlocking passes in a variety of situations, as required by the instruction.

Specialists of LLC “Systems of Electrical protection” can create a reliable, high-quality and productive access control system for any complexity, using a variety of innovative technologies.