Installation of computer networks is necessary at almost all sites where computers are located.

The main task of the local computer network is to provide quick and unimpeded access to working information.

With the correct installation of computer networks you have the following options:

  • organize team work for employees whose workplaces are in different cabinets or buildings;
  • access to the necessary general information remotely;
  • reduce the number of peripheral equipment;
  • to control business process;
  • regulate the level of staff access to information.

Specialists of our company carry out the installation of local computer networks on the basis of the customer needs analysis and created working project.


How to build an internal company network?

We suggest that you implement this in three possible ways:

Structured cabling is a network that combines the various elements of a complex network with cables (mostly here is used a “twisted pair”). Structured cabling system has a very convenient way of transferring information with a high degree of reliability between local and telephone networks, various video surveillance systems and other elements of a modern office.

The wireless network (WI-FI) is also a network that uses a variety of equipment. The main function of the wireless network is to directly provide ultrafast transmission of a large amount of data through a high-frequency radio channel. The presented technology in comparison with the structured cabling system has its advantages. The most advantages are the price and simplified installation. To find out more about the details of installing a wireless network (WI-FI) and seek advice, please contact with our specialists by telephones listed above.

Also worth noting is that a mixed network, whose function is to combine Structured cabling with a wireless network. In modern offices and organizations it is advisable to use this method of building a local network, since it creates excellent mobility for almost all network members, and also saves your money.

Installation of computer networks, creation of local networks.


We cannot imagine now our life without the «world-wide-web», therefore the local computer network has stopped to be just a need, it is already a necessity, because any institution, company or usual office cannot fully operate without a local network. The main task of these networks is to provide quick access to information that a staff member may need at any time. It is worth noting that the installation of computer networks must be done exclusively by a schematic method and carried out by qualified employees of a specialized company.

If the installation of computer networks is made according to all the rules and the scheme, then you will have very pleasant and various possibilities:

1. Ensuring team work of employees, even if they are remotely located, for example, in different rooms or in different buildings.

2. The coordinated uninterrupted operation of integrated video surveillance and access control systems through structured cabling systems and Internet.

3. Remote access and use of the general information without loading on personal computers of each workplace.

4. Joint work with a variety of peripheral equipment. This feature provides for the allocation of print and scan devices to several jobs at the same time. As a result, it can be noted that properly installation of computer networks will save not only significant funds for the purchase, but also for the maintenance of all peripheral equipment and also your time.

5. Maintenance of office work, as well as tight control of access to data stored on servers of your local network. Consideration of all documentation will be greatly facilitated, because the specificity of the network operation provides for the elimination of document loss. Any document can be quickly found by its own attributes (number, title, creation date, authorship, etc.).

6. Organization of a unified security policy in the corporation, enterprise or in the office.

7. Using special system settings to create different levels of access to company data individually for each employee. The effectiveness of such system is controlled directly by the system administrator.

It should be noted that when designing any of the existing types of local networks, it is immediately necessary to determine their standards The network must be compatible with the hardware standards. Today’s popular standards are Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, which are compatible with almost any equipment.

Specialists of LLC” Systems of Electrical Protection” LLC have extensive experience in designing and creating separate LANs, as well as local computer networks.

Still thinking about Structured cabling? Call us and specialists of our company will prepare the project documentation, select the optimal equipment, and perform the work on time.

If you move from office we will (without stress and panic for you) gently dismantle your computer network with all equipment and mount it in a new location and qualify. Payment for services is carried out on cash, clearing settlement and on credit cards. Call us!!