Fire and security alarm: keep your ears open

The main task of the fire alarm system is timely and operational targeted information about an emergency situation – fire on the site or unauthorized entry of persons into its territory.

Specialists of LLC”Systems of Electrical Protection “.ensure the creation of the fire alarm system, using for this:

  • Equipment of centralized management;
  • Equipment for obtaining and processing information from sensors;
  • Fire alarm sensors.

The employees of our company will quickly and efficiently design and install all necessary security systems at your facility.


The fire alarm system is a whole complex of security and especially fire alarm. The Fire alarm system (FAS) gives us the opportunity to be confident in the complete safety of our homes, apartments, offices, production, etc. The main function of each security system is to prevent unauthorized (not desired) access to your own premises.
A fire alarm system has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present and instantaneous processing. These alarms may be activated automatically from smoke detectors and heat detectors or may also be activated via manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points or pull stations.
In our time, most often, as practice shows, these systems (security and fire) are used in complex. This is one of the most common security systems in the modern market. The FAS, in in case of fire, itself communicates directly with the fire brigade or the rapid reaction team, which in the end results in a very quick reaction to this situation, and also to eliminate the source of anxiety. From our own experience, we can give an example danger of such a development: at the time of the alarm, the sensor, which is responsible for the activation of the siren, which scares away the attacker.

Integration of FAS


When a security and fire alarm system is combined at the level of the central equipment into a complex, then it is called an integrated FAS. Experts do this in order to simplify and facilitate both monitoring and direct management of these systems.

Integrated FAS can be performed jointly for security and fire alarms, but each system operates autonomously, independently of each other, and does not providing a joint influence on each other.

When it comes to the direct installation of the Integrated FAS, as the experience of our company shows, at large facilities this signaling is integrated with other various security systems, as well as the life support of the facility, which is not unimportant. You do not have to build additional channels and networks, which, by the way, lead to a considerable saving of your money. This is also necessary in order to provide the necessary level of security for this facility and what is more important, to create the ability to respond as quickly as possible to the fire alarm notification and to provide the conditions for the most rapid elimination of the emergency situation.

We recommend to integrate FAS directly with such systems as:

  • Control system, as well as access control;
  • The elevator control system in the building;
  • Air conditioning and smoke removal system;;
  • The fire extinguishing system;
  • The warning system.

The functions of the fire and security system depend on the structure, and on the degree of integration. We list the main tasks of the presented system:

  • Detection of smoke,
  • Detection of ignition source,
  • Detection of penetration into a protected building.
  • Automatic fire / penetration notification (instantaneous activation of warning sensors, voice announcement system, SMS sending, etc.).
  • Call of a fire brigade / Emergency Response Unit.
  • Inclusion of light indication of evacuation routes / unlocking emergency as well as fire exits.
  • Automatic start-up of the fire-extinguishing system, as well as the fastest possible activation of engineering systems such as: activation of ventilation in conjunction with smoke removal; shutdown of elevators.

Installation of security and fire alarm systems

This installation must be made exclusively by the project. In turn, the project shall meet the all applicable standards and determine the number and type of detectors, the distance between them and their location.
Our specialists will provide you the entire list of security alarm systems that are provided both on our market and abroad and will help you choose the best solution for protecting your facility.
You can buy various equipment with various degrees of protection for fire alarm systems by calling us.