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It’s not a secret that the hanging from the roof icicles and snow blocks are dangerous for human life. We often notice that when we walk in the winter through the city, we continually raise our heads up, because we feel the danger. Besides the dangerous, the snow blocks pathologically destroy the roofs of buildings, icy chutes in most cases do not withstand density and they are being destroyed under pressure. And what’s strange, that anyone thought about how to deal with this before.

We live in a unique time of opportunity and even such problem as icing is not already a problem. What solution does the market offer us today? Let’s consider all possible variants of the heating system in detail.

The amount of ice freezing on the surfaces directly depends on the construction of the areas, the accumulation of “parasitic” heat emanating from buildings, heating mains, etc., the temperature of outside air, moisture, wind and other natural factors.

The anti-icing system works automatically and able to protect structures from snow accumulation and freezing, while keeping open areas, facades, chutes and gutters from destruction.

Application and installation. Heating cables in the anti-icing system are installed:

  • on the ground – steps, tile tracks, sidewalks, bridges, etc. – in places which are need to ensure safety for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • on roofs, any construction, from freezing of melt water in downpipes.
  • inside the structures – in the system of protection of icing of pipes and foundation of refrigerating chambers from icing.

the heating cable is laid horizontally on the surface for heating steps.
For heating outdoor areas (sidewalks, unloading stations, etc.)use different ways of laying the cable: in tracks or along the entire area, using cables with a linear power from 28 W / m. In the process of laying the cable uses a mounting tape and the clamp on the mesh.

The heating cable is mounted on the prepared smooth foundation. Materials with mechanical strength are used for thermal insulation.
With concrete laying, the heating cable is poured with a 50 mm thick screed.
The cable is covered with a thin layer of sand for laying the cable under the tile intended for pavement.
The control of system is carried out by the interaction of temperature and humidity sensors which support to take into account environment situation and automatically switch on floor heating in the required time interval.

LLC “Systems of Electrical Protection” cooperates with the Danish company DEVI, which is the market leader, and has been gaining invaluable experience and high quality products with a 20-year guarantee for 72 years, and it offers a unique intelligent anti-icing system for a wide range of snowmelt. It consists of a heating cable Deviflex or Devi-ice guard, special electronic temperature controllers Devireg and mounting accessories. This process will always combine simplicity and reliability. Such flexible system is compatible with any surface material. Temperature controllers with high-sensitivity humidity sensors consume a minimum of electricity, which in combination with the cost of installation and maintenance of the entire system makes it affordable. The system itself also performs a preventive function, eliminating the need to shovel snow with spades and sprinkle the surface with sand or salt.

DEVI anti-icing systems are used in the construction of sports grounds and football fields where you need to support a certain temperature for lawn in the winter. DEVI anti-icing system protects and prevents the destruction and deformation of gutters and chuters, cleans the roof from ice and easily deal with snow-covered steps, ramps, sidewalks, access roads.

Advantages of the DEVI anti-icing system:

  • Full automation;
  • • Minimal energy costs;
  • Technology of self-regulation;
  • does not require the involvement of human resources;
  • 20 years guarantee.

Advantage of DEVI anti-icing system in safety and maintenance of the object construction. If you install this system, you will keep the building intact, avoid property damage, remove the danger of snow and icicles, and will not waste time and money on hired brigades to clean the roof of the building.

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