Video surveillance system: everything is under control

Video surveillance systems play an important role in the security of objects

Their main task is to ensure control over the adjacent territory and premises of the facility, to detect on time manner an unauthorized intrusion from outside, and also to fix the events.

Obtaining reliable information about what is happening on the site and the degree of protection of information depend on the quality of the equipment.

Our specialists can create Video surveillance system of any complexity with the use of innovative technologies, for example, video surveillance based on NAS-servers Synology.

What is NAS or NAS server.

The presented version of the construction of video surveillance was well received. This is due to their advantages, which include universality, as well as ease of construction and application in combination with high reliability of the data system. We also need to say about another important factor, namely, the support of a full-fledged RAID (redundant array of independent disks).It is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into a single logical unit for the purposes of data redundancy, performance improvement, or both, and also the comfortable replacement of all disks, in case of failure, and the affordable cost of data storage. The use of the NAS server allows for scaling, which contributes to the growth of both the disk space and, accordingly, the volume of the stored information as necessary.

How to determine the required amount of disk space? As the experts mark, the hour of video with the extension of 640×480 format “M – JPEG” will take about 1.8 GB, and 1 day – 43 GB. But it’s worth noting that one hour of video with the same resolution of 640 × 480, but already of the “MPEG-4” format, will take much less on your disk space – only 700 MB, and 16.8 GB a day. Also worth noting that to display quite the same high-quality video is enough 15 frames / second, which is practically no different from 25 frames / second (real-time mode).

What is NAS and what is NAS server?
NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients and access to it is done with the help of all known local Ethernet networks.
Why is this device used? Let’s list some reasons that cause us the need to purchase this device:

  • the storage of various data such as: photo, video, music, in very large volumes, which is not quantitatively dependent on the PC;
  • very fast access to all available files;
  • the possibility to use data from the NAS server immediately by several devices (personal computer (PC), or TV, etc.) simultaneously;
  • access to files without using a PC (for example, when connecting to a TV).

As a data storage device in NAS type network storage, usually the most common are used hard disks (2.5 or 3.5-inch) .Conventional hard drives are used because they provide the highest speed of data exchange at this stage. In the kit can be used one or more hard drives. In general, the number of hard drives that we use is directly overstated by the power of the hardware platform itself, as well as the capabilities of the embedded software.
In addition to its main purpose NAS server, which is the storage of information, the presented device also has a number of excellent additional features ( options), as well as service applications such as:

  • very practical is the backup function (Data backup is done using a computer or using the server itself);
  • function: a print server, which implies the direct use of the printer, which in turn can be used for general access by different PCs);
  • function the recording directly of the video from the IP cameras online;
  • iTunes – Server, this function allows us to read music files that are downloaded to the server, using iTunes on any other PC that is on your network);
  • PhotoStation, with this function, you can read photo files);
  • there is also a built-in download manager, which allows you to download files from servers, Torrents, eMule, etc.;
  • it is also possible to connect via usb various additional media, such as: flash drives,
    memory card, or external HDD.
  • and also there are other various functions that are determined depending on the chosen brand, as well as the NAS server model.

Today, the leader of the presented devices is the international company Synology, which allows us to choose in their models up to five hard disks, and also has a wide range of additional functions and application services.

Specifically, the specialists of LLC”Systems of Electrical protection” can create a reliable and productive surveillance system of any complexity, using a variety of innovative technologies, such as video surveillance based on the Synology NAS servers.