Backlight of the stairs in the house allows you to easily navigate in space, and for this there is no need to turn on light switches. Backlight with the motion sensor automatically turns on when a person approached and turn off as soon as he distanced from it, leaving a soft muted light on the first and last steps. Smart backlight more than just useful when your hands are busy and you cannot turn on the light switch, thereby keeping the quiet for your resting family, because the sound of switches in silence often wakes up children. Light sensor helps to automatically turns backlight of the stairs in the evening and turns off at dawn.
It should also be noted thrifty of power consumption stairs with lighting, because the light source uses LED light ribbons, and they are known to be 20 times more economical than a normal incandescent bulb. And because LED ribbon set in a silicone covering, wetting and ingress of moisture completely ruled out, so you can safely use wet cleaning.
By this method you can highlight handhold, working kitchen area, any other room, and also be used as outdoor lighting, such as windows or showcases.