Ltd. “SYSTEM OF ELECTRICIAL PROTECTION” (Kiev electrician) perform electrical work of any level of complexity in residential and industrial objects . Our company serves you to solve all issues related to electricity, regardless of your order size.. In any case, Ltd. “SYSTEM OF ELECTRICIAL PROTECTION” performs wiring qualitatively and professionally.


Our experts help client to generate a detailed specification, make proposals for introduction of modern energy-saving technologies and unique engineering solutions every time during the project. It allows customers to achieve maximum results.

At the stage of project implementation , electricians of our company carry out all necessary dismantling, commissioning and supporting work.
Ltd. “SYSTEM OF ELECTRICIAL PROTECTION” carries out all electrical work only on their own, without involving other companies. That is, we take all obligations on the implementation of electrical works only on themselves, which can significantly speed up their carrying out.

Ordering electrical work in the company “SYSTEM OF ELECTRICIAL PROTECTION”, you will never feel helplessness and vulnerability that occurs when a power failure occurs. Electrical installation work, performed by qualified specialists of our company, will make electricity the way it should be – invisible, in every sense of the word!

Our advantages:

  • An experienced team of professionals, which allows qualitatively perform wiring;
  • Strict compliance of schedules;
  • Сorresponding tariffs for services;
  • Minimizing costs, including the customer costs;
  • The guarantee on the performed work – 10 years;
  • After-sales service.
The final cost of electrical work is determined individually for each object.

Electrical installation work – is, as everyone knows, a complex variety of activities (in most installation and design), which are produced in order to subsequently provide the final consumer of electricity. Also, electrical work are one of the most important steps of any repairs that are carried out taking into account, if not for the entire lifetime of a private house or industrial facility, then at least for a very long time. So in this case the stability of the electric energy supply directly depends on the quality of electrical work. Also the reliability of the various household appliances, from the usual electric kettle to washing machine and your comfort depend on submitted work, and the most important thing – it is, of course, your safety.
Based on our experience of this kind of work, we would like to introduce you to the basic rules of wiring.
Wiring is mounted on the two main parameters:
1. Electrical safety;
2. Easy to use.
Before going on to any work you should have a clear understanding of the planed placement of all electrical appliances (mostly the most powerful appliances) to provide the flexibility of your power. Also for high-power devices it is necessary to provide separate power cables.
For private homes, we note that the installation of ordinary household electrical sockets, by the rules of fire safety, must be done at a height of 80 cm., inclusive and preferably, for every 6m2 of living area in the house.
Also it should be noted, that not qualified employees often produce wiring near to the pipelines and combustible materials – that is strictly forbidden by safety regulations. Presented type of work is allowed to perform at least 4 meters.
It is necessary to perform grounding of electrical appliances, which is done with bolts. Recommendation from our side is that electrical wiring must be done immediately on the whole area, whether it is an apartment or industrial enterprise. It is better to make provision for the future.
The total capacity of appliances on one line should not exceed 3.5 kW.
In no case do not try to fix the switchboard independently.
Electricity is carried out immediately after the re-planning to the beginning of the decorating.
Organize replacement of wires at the moment when they are just starting to fail.
Also, we think that the completion of all electrical work types must be carried out verification of the quality control. We do this check with the direct presence of the customer using certified special equipment, which determines the error in laying electrical networks that could arise during the performed work. If there are no weaknesses, which we were found – the electrical work can be considered successfully completed.
Therefore, we sure that this type of work should be performed only by trained and qualified professionals who directly own the knowledge of industry standards and regulations such as:

  • PEI – Rules of Electrical Installations;
  • FSR – fire safety regulations;
  • BNR – building norms and regulations;
  • other technical regulations.

Our staff will help you to create a project that takes into account all your wishes and complies all the regulations and standards of our country. We guarantee you a safe and high-quality execution of all electrical works. Also we guarantee efficiency and high reliability at the further operation of your electrical network. Electrical installation work is a very laborious, responsible and difficult process. Therefore, in order to avoid all kinds of dangers that can occur during electrical quality is not, we suggest you use the services of our company is.

Ltd. “SYSTEM OF ELECTRICIAL PROTECTION” invites everyone who are interested in reliable and secure electricity supply, as private customers – the owners of apartments, houses, shops, industrial buildings, and the builders who care about the quality and timely delivery of objects.