Organization of wireless network.

Wireless network is one of the newest, very fast developing technologies that allow you to create a variety of Computer network, which in turn completely comply with the standards for conventional wired networks (e.g. Ethernet), and do not use cable wiring. In such networks, radio waves from the microwave range are the carrier of information..

A very large number of Internet users, in their daily lives have begun to give preference to the wireless network Recently .We can explain it by the fact that the abundance of wires, as well as the joints between them, are quite often cause the communication failure, which in the modern world is certainly unacceptable.

ПWhile organizing a wireless network, you do not need to use wires. We do not need to conduct a cable from point “A” to point “B”, while drilling walls, doors, windows, etc. Now it is difficult to imagine any company, enterprise or office that would not use or plan to use wireless technologies in the future in their large / small local area network. The wireless network has advantages, which gives the company the opportunity to increase the competitiveness of your business in the market.


Types of wireless networks.

Depending on the technology, we divide the wireless network into three types:

  • Local Computer network;
  • Advanced local Computer network;
  • Mobile networks (laptop computers).

The main difference between these various types of networks is transmission parameters. Local and advanced local Computer network use the transmitters / receivers of the organization in which the network itself operates. Mobile networks for laptop as a signal transmission medium used: AT&T; МCI; Sprint; Local telephone companies, as well as their public services.

Installation of the wireless network.

While installing a wireless network, it is necessary to distribute the network in a way that from any corner of your office / apartment / enterprises you can get quality access to the Internet without problems.

To organize a Wi-Fi network, you need an access point, the main task of which is to transfer various data packets from one device to another. But presented access point is only suitable for connecting multiple devices by “air”. As a “heart” wireless network is used a Wi-Fi router that contains a receiving point inside and an additional built-in switch for wired devices. Through the switch you can not only securely and qualitatively connect devices such as storage (network storage), desktop computer (PC) and wireless gadgets, but also connect all your Smart equipment to the Internet. In the absence of a switch, you must use one of the computers in the constantly mode “on”.

Before starting to organize a wireless network, you need to make a full-scale analysis of all computer equipment that will be connected to a single network, and as a result, select the appropriate router with the required number of ports and a wireless standard. We offer contacting our specialists who will help you solve your wireless network tasks in the minimum time. We provide services for the organization of Wi-Fi network in Kiev and in the Kiev region. If you have a large volume of work, we also work in other cities of Ukraine. Also our company is engaged in servicing computers and servers. Also you can order connection online or by telephone.