Lighting control


Probably everyone agree with the fact that modern man cannot live in a house without using lighting. And there are many devices for lighting in the latest houses and apartments. Of course, the natural human desire – to manage this kingdom of light. Lighting control system created for managing, and makes it easy to control lighting fixtures in the house. To get know and appreciate all its advantages, we offer you “spend” time in the smart house, which controls its own abilities.
The usual way to illuminate the house is to using simple switches but this is yesterday. It was practical for rooms up to two light sources. In modern rooms can be present up to 12 choices of lighting equipment. Given modern technology, it can be a ceiling light, floor lights, RGB illumination of interior, light in the sleeping compartment cabinets etc. To manage such big amount of electrical lighting you need a lot of switches.

Question of the number of on / off switch decided by the method of flexible bindings in the system Smart House. Thus, it is possible to create a lighting control method of programming each switch to use it to control any group of devices. For this, in every group registers the separate light instruction.
Quantity of luminous flux work schemes can be a lot. These are lighting scenarios for reading, for easy cleaning in the house, and to work on PC and other.


Often there is a need to switch off simultaneously several lights, then the Smart House will turn off all lights in the room except for emergency lighting, and close the curtains.
To light circuits used automation lighting. In that case, used sensors: motion, illumination, door status, etc.

When a person comes into the room – the light is on, and it off when he go out . In response to the movement in the room, the house at the same time appreciates the presence of natural light, so as dusk, Smart House will efficiently manage the lighting fixtures, increasing their power. If the room is sufficient daylight, the automatic lights will not turn on.

For the same lighting scheme will react to the time of day, for example, if you got up at night to drink water, smart house immediately include bedside lamp brightness to, without causing inconvenience to the eyes, it was comfortable to see objects. With a single control panel or the remote control can be absolutely all the lighting homes and gardening area.

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