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  • video surveillance for the apartments and houses;
  • video surveillance for offices, warehouses, etc.;
  • video surveillance for shops, supermarkets;
  • video surveillance for open areas, stadiums, gas stations, etc.
How to choose the right video surveillance system?

1. Determine what kind of video camera suits you: analog, HD-CVI or IP-camera.

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2. Approximately this will show the video camera you have chosen:

If you have difficulty in choosing, we will help you. We consult, come to the object for the task removal, calculate the whole system, and make the installation in terms and, if it necessary, we take the system for maintenance. Just call us on and we will accept your application.

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Intelligent video surveillance systems – reliable control and security


With each new day, humanity is getting more advanced and more efficient technologies. Technological innovation in all areas of people’s lives requires increased control of the situation and ensuring people’s safety.

A few decades ago, the installation of video surveillance systems was used only at strategically important facilities, which required an increased level of control and security. Today, such systems are used almost everywhere – in shopping centers and supermarkets, in offices and enterprises, car park and nightclubs, schools and museums. Now video surveillance is carried out wherever people rest, have fun, work and live.

Installation of video surveillance is a complex set of works of the special equipment installation, which is designed to provide video control.

Video surveillance: installation, price and its formation

If you are interested in installing video surveillance systems prices, volumes of work, etc., we must say that the cost of these works depends on many factors, including the distance between the observation point and the camera, the features of the object, and also on the complexity and quality of the equipment.

Any video surveillance system consists of three main elements – CCTV camera, monitor, video signal processing and recording device (DVR).

It Depends on which type of camera you need to install – outdoor or for internal monitoring, analog or IP video cameras, which additional types of work you want to do. Technically, video surveillance installation and its configuration at different sites differ in complexity, and in terms of time and price.

All CCTV cameras are divided into color and black & white. Most color cameras give a good image only in good lighting conditions. For round the clock using it’s better to choose color cameras with the “day-night” function, which even in low-light conditions gives a qualitative color image.

Black & white street cameras give a good image even if there are no light sources on the site. Black and white cameras are used with IR illumination, which is not visible for the human eye, but it is clearly visible to CCTV cameras.

When selecting an outdoor surveillance camera, the installation is performed at a correctly calculated distance from the point of observation (recording) to the camera. Black and white video signal is transmitted over high-quality coaxial cable for a distance up to 500 m, color video – up to 300 m without a special video signal amplifier.

Cameras for internal surveillance are distinguished by a variety of design, shape and image quality. The most laconic and neat design have small chambers in the form of a hemisphere.

There are also modern IP cameras (webcams) that make the entire observational system more flexible and more efficient. Every year IP video surveillance becomes more popular due to high-quality image, high degree of reliability and resistance to interference.

Video Surveillance Systems
IP Camera Installation

When installing IP video surveillance, it is necessary to take into account its main difference from analog CCTV systems. The transmission of IP video signal occurs through advanced ethernet or wifi technologies. Installation of IP video surveillance requires the presence of an IP address and use Internet protocols for data transmission. This process occurs without problems in large cities and regional centers. It is different with the connection and configuration of IP cameras in country houses, where there are often problems with stable connection to high-speed Internet.

IP video surveillance can be used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Correct setting of the IP camera allows you to view the received images from any computer online, even being many kilometers away from the object of observation.
Outdoor IP video surveillance devices are resistant to bad weather conditions, and also have remote control.

The size and quality of the image depends on the resolution level of the IP camera. In addition, IP video cameras differ in the level of photosensitivity. High-sensitivity cameras work quickly, clearly and give a very high-quality image, even with the rapid movement of objects in the field of observation.

Installation of IP video surveillance requires special knowledge and skills that our specialists have. Cooperating with us, you will get an excellent video surveillance system at a good price and as soon as possible.

IP surveillance system allows to connect an additional number of IP cameras at any time (if network bandwidth allows).

There are three types of IP video cameras: dome, cylindrical, cubic. Dome cameras are used for internal surveillance and can work in any lighting (natural, artificial or combined). Cylindrical and cubic cameras are usually used for outdoor observation and they have IR illumination and motion sensor.

Surveillance: the cost of work

The cost depends on the quality and quantity of the selected equipment, as well as the complexity of its installation. In any case, our customers have known the cost of the equipment and its installation before the installation works. Our qualified installers will connect and configure video cameras, IP cameras and all other related equipment quickly, reliably, guaranteeing the quality of their work.

Searching for a suitable company on the request of “video surveillance installation ” you have come to the specialists who will help you choose the reliable equipment and at the best price will perform the work on installing various video surveillance systems with a guarantee!